5 Exercises To Help With Your Pull-ups

Are you aspiring to do a pull-up? Can you do a few, but have plateaued and want to be able to do more? Have you thought, I am never going to be able to do a pull-up, why try. But damn they look awesome! If these are things you’ve said out loud or in your

Diet. Why it Matters. (Fuel Your Body Right)

Let’s be clear right from the start: when I say ‘diet’, I am not meaning eating only grapefruit, dry greens and low fat cottage cheese. Although these can be part of a healthy diet, they are not for everyone. “Diet” simply means the foods and drinks that you consume on a regular basis. I do

5 Ways Not to Overindulge This Holiday Season

Oh, all the parties… And you’re trying to be really good and make sure you eat your veggies. And all those cookies never end up making you feel that good later anyway. Sure they tasted amazing in the moment, but then you feel sluggish, drained, gassy or all of the above. This time of year

This Little Piggy Went To The Circus

So here’s how this all started…with a text. Actually it briefly started as a quick chat in the studio one day about 2-3 weeks ago where T (the amazing T Lawrence-Simon) said ‘can I be a guest writer sometime?’ and ‘can you write something about flexing from your pinky toes and not just your big

Toes. Love ’em or hate ’em, they’re important

Over the past two or so months, the number of people I have met who can’t get into a plank, perform a walking lunge or split squat (among other positions) because they can’t bend their toes back far enough has really astounded me. I am sure I have met people over the years that also

‘Engage Your Shoulders!’…But Am I Doing it Right?

We’ve all probably heard (or even said for those instructors reading this post) “engage your shoulders”, but what does that mean? What do we mean? Do we know? Do our students? There have definitely been many discussions on this topic and there are plenty of instructors who have a strong belief in their method. I

Females: Please Strength Train. Here’s Why

I love strength training, but I know not everyone does. However it’s SO important for so many reasons and I am hoping I can change your mind as to why you should add it into your weekly schedule. I am not going to poo-poo cardiovascular exercise, this is good for your overall health, but it’s

Shoulder Warm-up Must Haves

In circus arts we do a lot of movements with our arms raised over our heads. The importance of properly warming up the shoulders for overhead movement patterns is something I wrote about earlier this year in a blog post: 5 Shoulder Warm-up Exercises to add to your warm-up. The movement patterns described in that blog

…And Squeeze Your Butt

If you have ever taken a class with me or trained with me at all, you have heard me say ‘Squeeze Your Butt!’ a bunch of times. Whether you were in a plank, push-up, bird-dog, or a knee-hang, or you were about to perform a salto on silks or just about any other position or

Do You Lose Your Core Engagement When You Try to Breathe?

Picture this: There you are, about to perform some sort of movement that is kind of difficult and you think to yourself, “Ok, engage my core. Check.” Maybe you’re about to invert on a trapeze or into a handstand, or maybe you are about to do some push-ups, a plank or even a squat with

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