Do Your Legs Have Intention (part 3)

Welcome to part 3 of my series on Leg Intention Last month in part 1,  and earlier this month in part 2, we discussed what leg intention is and how to use it in movements, training and exercises. We explored a few positions when on all-fours, standing on the ground and standing in the air. This

Do Your Legs Have Intention (part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of my posts on Leg Intention. Last month in part 1 we discussed what leg intention is and how to use it in movements, training and exercises. We explored a few positions when on all fours and I am going to pick up with a few other positions to add in

Do Your Legs Have Intention? (part 1)

Leg Tension or Leg Intention as I like to call it. No, I am not referring to leg tension where you are feeling tight muscles restricting your movement, but rather tension you created with muscle contraction. Leg Intention, as I usually say, is creating purpose in your legs. It’s an isometric contraction of some or

Yay it’s Summer, but that doesn’t mean you can skip the Warm-up!

It’s HOT! But that doesn’t mean you can skip the warm-up. The warm-up is so much more than just warming up your muscles before you train, it’s preparing the mind and the body for the activities ahead.   Here’s all the great reasons you still need to warm-up even when it’s warm out Warm-ups…. Increase blood

Are You Eating Enough Protein?

“How much protein should I be eating?” comes up often in discussions with my clients and students (and it seems to come up even more often since I became certified as a level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach). Many people feel a bit lost when it comes to how much and when they should be eating

2 Exercises, plus progressions, that Strengthen your Shoulder Stabilizers

There are of course more than just two exercises that strengthen your shoulder stabilizing muscles, but I wanted to focus on these two in this blog post as they are great additions to your current shoulder stabilizer exercise regimen. Your shoulder stabilizers work by dynamically stabilizing the ball (the head of your humerus) within the socket

4 Stretches You Potentially Have Misaligned

Let me dive right into what I see quite often when people are stretching-hopefully after they have worked out. Don’t get me started if you are statically stretching your muscles as part of your warm-up-that’s another can of worms entirely, which can be summed up with please hold your static stretches for after your training

5 Shoulder Warm-up Exercises You Can Do Before You Circus!

Shoulders are a Big part of circus. They are our base. Whether we’re hanging from an apparatus, balancing on our hands or supporting someone above or below us, they are the foundation that it’s all being supported on (or from). Many of us have postural deviations due to work or school life that can cause

Supply Your Home Gym Wisely

Do you often think, ‘I wanna have some way to workout at home, but have no idea what equipment to buy?’ Or maybe you have no space for large equipment or the money to buy all the things you think you will actually need. Well wonder no longer! This post is for you! This month

How to Train Circus while at your Gym

You love your circus discipline. You take a class a couple times a week and you feel good about the progress you are making, but wish you could do more to help yourself get stronger and help you make more progress in class. You love the conditioning exercises you do in your class, but when

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