Theresa performs with grace and precision and puts on a truly entertaining show that engages her audience. I highly recommend Theresa to anyone looking to hire a professional performer who can put on a truly incredible show. ~Lindsay Bovini, Boston, MA


Theresa delivers a fun performance on trapeze and is smooth and delicate performer on aerial silks. I have enjoyed watching her many times. ~Mariana Manrique, Cambridge, MA


Theresa stood out for me from the rest of the performers because she cared more about moving the audience than counting the number of tricks included in her act.  In her choreography she always had a story to tell, and she told with style — it wasn’t just a motion, it was also an emotion which made her piece that much richer and exciting to watch. ~Snejana Shegheva, Lowell, MA


“16 Tips to Make 2016 Your Fittest Year Ever” The Active Times. An article I was interviewed for on getting active in 2016.


Experts Share How You Can Keep Moving With A Busy Schedule” The Diabetes Council. A web publication I was interviewed for, along with many other health and wellness experts, ideas on staying active even within your busy schedule.


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AeriaLibrium offers classes at Esh Aerial Arts and Aircraft Aerial Arts. Private fitness trainings offered at your home or at our location. Whether you are an aerialist looking to get stronger or more flexible or someone looking for a fun, exciting and different workout, AeriaLibrium has the classes and trainings you are looking for!
AeriaLibrium also offers unique aerial performances for many events and venues.

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