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Off the Floor and Into the Air! Silks for the Experienced Beginner

A 2-hour workshop from 1:00-3:00pm at Esh Circus Arts on July 15th.

This workshop is for students who have taken a few sessions of aerial silks classes and are looking for a boost! In this workshop, we’ll focus on taking skills from the floor and moving them into the air. Key skills of focus will be cross back straddle, straddle inversions, inverted climbs and vertical splits. You’ll learn some conditioning drills to use while on the silks and other drills that you can do at home.

Participants must have completed at least one session of Silks 201 at Esh, or have equivalent experience from another school. Participants should be familiar with the set-up for cross back straddle (it’s ok if you can’t get upside-down on your own!), should be able to put on single and double foot locks, and should have the ability to invert from the ground without instructor help

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