AeriaLibrium offers classes at Esh Aerial Arts.  We also offer private trainings at your home or at our location. Come join one of our wide variety of unique classes and private trainings. Fitness classes are generally a blend of yoga, pilates, body weight exercises and calisthenics to create a fun whole body workout. Some classes will combine ground based fitness exercises with the use of aerial equipment to create a unique and challenging workout.  Private trainings are tailored to your needs and goals. We offer private aerial lessons and fitness trainings or a mix of both. Other private trainings in flexibility, injury prevention exercises TRX and Sports and Health Nutrition. are available.  Whether you are an aerialist looking to get stronger or more flexible or someone looking for a fun, exciting and different workout, AeriaLibrium has the classes you are looking for!

About Theresa Racicot

Theresa has climbed and twirled, danced and played all her life. Growing up, she ran around the woods, climbing trees and swinging on rope swings. On the porch railing in her backyard, she pretended she was a tight rope walker. And dancing, there was lots of dancing: mostly ballet, but some tap and jazz, too. Early on, she fell in love with plays and acting and at the ripe old age of 8, she co-wrote and performed with her best girlfriends in a play about a king and a princess for their class. She played the king.

Theresa continued her participation in dancing and performing throughout school and into university, taking classes in theater, drama, acting and singing. She was a regular cast member at the local community playhouse which was a place of her to use her skills in acting, dancing and singing.

Theresa trained as a professional photographer and spent several years after college building a portfolio that would eventually land her a job at Club Med.  It was there in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic that she took her first swing on the flying trapeze and her life changed forever. She started physical fitness training with a personal trainer to get stronger for her newfound love of the circus arts. Through the process of getting stronger, she discovered a new way to be physically fit with disciplines of yoga, pilates and traditional strength training. Upon leaving Club Med, Theresa set out to share her love of fitness with others. She attained certifications in Personal Training, Pilates and Yoga, as well as becoming a licensed TRX instructor.

When Theresa wasn’t working out on the ground, she was fueling her love of circus by attending workshops and trainings for aerials and flying trapeze. Much of her training has been at the New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA), where she has not only developed herself as a performer, but also as an instructor.

Theresa values making great connections with her students and clients, sharing in their journey of discovery and engendering a love of movement.

Theresa is available for:

  • private lessons in aerial and circus disciplines, fitness, pilates, yoga, flexibility and mobility, nutrition and movement assessments
  • workshops with specialties in cross training for aerial and circus disciplines and injury prevention.

She is also available for hire for aerial acts.

For private training or to hire an aerial act Contact Theresa.


Certification & Trainings

~American Council of Exercise~

Certified Personal Trainer


Certified Mat Pilates Instructor


Level V Yoga Instructor

Yoga: Anatomy and Alignment level 1 & 2

Prenatal & Pregnancy Yoga

Seniors Yoga

~TRX Licensed Trainer

~Precision Nutrition

Certified Level 1 Sports Nutrition Coach

FMS Mobility Screening and Assessments

FRC Mobility Specialist

FRA Screening and Assessments

~New England Center for Circus Arts~

Static Teachers Training course,

Intro to Teaching Aerials course,

Teaching Aerials Foundations level aerial fabric

Teaching Aerials Foundations level static trapeze

Intermediate/Advanced skills training on Aerial Silks and Static Trapeze

Teaching Aerials Foundations level Lyra/Aerial Hoop

~American Heart Association~

CPR/AED and first aid certified

Rigging Workshops

Stage Rigging with Jonathan Deull and Delbert Hall

Aerial Rigging with Jonathan Deull and Delbert Hall

Aerial Rigging with Brett Copes of Fight or Flight Entertainment

Other Good Info

~My IDEA Personal Training Profile

~US Registry of Exercise Professionals

~Prana Influencer~

~Green Apple Activewear Instructor~

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