Trial Class: Small Group Training for Circus Artist-Athletes

A Trial class is scheduled for February 13th at 9:00am. Come try it out!                                                             Join Trial Class


This unique program is designed to be appropriate for circus artist-athletes of any level or ability, from beginning student to aspiring professional. This program will help you to develop a robust foundation of strength, mobility, and athleticism. Tailored specifically to the needs of circus artist-athletes, each workout will include instruction in functional movement training, strength training, and conditioning. We will place a strong focus on correct exercise technique along with physical alignment and posture. The workout becomes progressively more challenging once basic techniques have been mastered.

Each Workout will include:
Mobility: myofascial release, various forms of stretching, muscle activations
Dynamic Warm-ups: plyometrics, medicine balls, agility ladders
Functional Strength Training: kettlebells, dumbbells, bodyweight, TRX
Energy Systems Conditioning: interval training, extended “work capacity” training

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