Workshop: Kinestretch

Join in a class designed to improve your joint health, mobility and overall movement. This class will take you through a flow of movements to develop control through your range of motion and help you bridge the gap between your passive and active flexibility. Move through base positions that will open up your hips while simultaneously working on opening your shoulders or developing mobility in your wrists.

You might be wondering, what is Kinstretch?

Kinstretch is a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and USABLE ranges of motion. It was designed to be taught in a group class setting for participants to create better articular (joint) health, mobility and movement needed for the demands of life, sport, exercise, running, hobbies and just about anything else you could think of… Circus – yes! Most definitely circus.

The workshop will begin with a quick introduction to terminology and fundamentals of Kinstretch that will be used during the course of the class so that you may feel the greatest benefits of a Kinstretch mobility session.

March 23rd


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