Supply Your Home Gym Wisely

Do you often think, ‘I wanna have some way to workout at home, but have no idea what equipment to buy?’ Or maybe you have no space for large equipment or the money to buy all the things you think you will actually need.

Well wonder no longer!

This post is for you!

This month I am writing about the items I think you should have in your home workout space. These are items I recommend to the clients I see in their houses and items I have in my own home gym. And don’t fret, you don’t even need a whole special room, although of course that would be nice right? Your living room will probably be just perfect.

Now if you are more of a gym-goer then you’ll want to check out my previous post, or if you know you will never, ever actually workout at home-and this is good to know-then stick with my previous post for some tips and guidelines. But if you prefer to workout in your own space then keep reading.

As I said, you don’t have to have a special room for your stuff, although that can make it really nice and feel quite motivating, you can also set this stuff up in a room that has another purpose. Currently mine is the living room and with some creative use of space (book shelves, ottomans, storage bins, nooks and crannies and a closet I designed with some hardware store products like hooks on the doors, I have a nice way to store all my equipment out of the way and mostly out of sight.


Here’s my list of things you’ll want


Click the photos for more info on how to get your own!

TRX: Suspension training is excellent and highly versatile. You can do many whole-body exercises with this one box. Also you may want to purchase the wall/ceiling mount-if you feel ok about putting biggish holes in your wall.

Glides (or similar): These are also a versatile piece of equipment. They can be placed under your hands or feet to perform many different bodyweight exercises like lunges, plank tuck-ups or chest flys to name a few!

Foam roller: A wonderfully useful tool to help warm up pre-workout or as part of your cool-down and stretching session post-workout. This is also a great tool for working out any muscles tightness or knots you may feel.

Lacrosse or Tennis Balls: Another great soft tissue massage tool. Like the foam roller, but the ball is great for more accurate soft tissue work. Great places to use a ball are on your feet or calves.

Yoga mat: Of course these are great for yoga, but could also be used as a nice cushion if you only have hardwood floors. Great for when you are stretching after your training session (because a few moments of stretching when you are done working out is a good idea).


Yoga blocks: Come in handy for during yoga, but they can also be a prop that you can use to squeeze between your legs or arms for certain exercises. They are also super useful for stretching.

Fitness ball: Another versatile piece of equipment, you can use these for more than just sit-ups. You can use them for planks, push-ups, tuck or pike-ups, hamstring curls and more!


Some dumbbells or adjustable dumbbells: Having several different weights (some heavier, some lighter) or adjustable weights like the photo below are a really good way to challenge your body and help it get stronger.


Kettlebells: Another great way to challenge your body with additional weight. Again you would want to have a few of varying weight.


I hope you now feel confident to stock your home workout space with some equipment that will help you meet your fitness goals. If you are not sure what to do with this equipment, or the many possibilities with your equipment, I am available for consultations. You can also check out my Shop page for all sort of health and fitness items.

Be Well,


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