When I started aerial conditioning classes with Theresa, I’d never in my life been able to do a pull-up, balance for longer than a few seconds on one leg, pull my legs over my head to hang upside down from a trapeze or climb more thank an inch up a rope. Three months later I had accomplished all of those goals and more! ~Kristin B., aerial conditioning student & performer

Theresa is a dedicated professional who knows how to get results in a positive way. She pushes me to achieve my best conditioning, but is always mindful of safety and will work around any temporary limitations that I might have. I would give Theresa 5 stars as a personal trainer! ~Sue H., personal training client

Theresa is an amazing aerial instructor and a wonderful person. I have been training with her for over a year and I’m really surprised with my progress. She is very professional, caring and she’s always seeking to gain knowledge to be the best aerial instructor for her students. Thanks Theresa, you are the best!!! ~Grissel S., aerial student

I keep coming back to Theresa’s aerial classes because SHE KICKS MY BUTT! I look forward to each class and the friendships that I’ve developed while in class has been a bonus! I feel myself getting stronger and I really appreciate the changes that I’m seeing in my body. ~Ginnie C., aerial student & personal training client

Theresa is easily one of the most phenomenal trainers I’ve ever worked with! She is talented, patient, unforgiving and calming at the same time. Myself and my best friend took aerial conditioning classes with Theresa every Sunday morning for almost a year and the progress I made was terrific. ~Kat K., aerial conditioning student

My experience with Theresa an an aerial trainer has been really rewarding. Since I started taking her classes I’ve become stronger-achieving several aerial goals! Theresa is great at explaining skills and very knowledgeable on the types of exercises you need to become stronger and to avoid injuries. I definitely recommend Theresa’s classes if you want to be aerially fit! ~Mariana M., aerial student

Theresa is a no-nonsense trainer, who can help you visualize and embody your own potential. She will help you push yourself to become what it is that you wish to become with positive, endorphin-supported encouragement and without judgement. If you want results, Theresa is the one to ask for. ~Kate S., personal trainer

I was looking for a way to build a fitness routine that would become an internal part of my life. I had tried many modalities: gym, classes, DVDs, YouTube, but none of them stuck until I could Theresa. She has excellent intuition, patience and a genuine positive approach to fitness. I also really enjoy her holistic attitude regarding healthy living. No matter what level of fitness or type of training you seek, I can tell you that Theresa will do all she can to tailor her skills and gifts to support you in your goals. ~Susan R., personal training client

Theresa’s fitness class has refined my technique and push me beyond any core routine I’ve ever done. I have been taking her class for a year and I’ve noticed a huge increase in strength, but it’s helped me manage and avoid injuries. Theresa’s detailed instructions have helped me pinpoint areas that I’ve been neglecting and get the most out of the hour workout. ~Sarah S., fitness class attendee

I would occasionally look over at Theresa’s Active Flexibility class to see what they were doing. It always looked like the class would be fun and easy. But, in my first Active Flexibility class, I realized that despite it looking easy, it is far from that. I woke the next day thoroughly exhausted, but in a good way, and I look forward to improving my flexibility. ~Genni M., active flex class attendee

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